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Magic Nuudles Polykit


Magic nuudles are known as the educational or DIY toys which is  safe, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, environment-friendly for kids and families. And, the product owns five American national patents and has been verified by ASTM, CE and BPI certificate authority.It is a safe, easy, fun and green toy for kids and families.It is great for developing children’s fine motor skill , imagination and creative ability. kids will build, decorate, and create anything they can imagine of! Just dab a Nuudle on a damp sponge or paper towel (or a lick of the tongue) to make it’s own glue. Take this Nuudle and stick it to another Nuudle or to paper, glass, mirror, cloth, wood, even skin!

Features & details

Environment Friendly Biodegradable Building Blocks

Do It Yourself Cornstarch Product

Wet N Set

Easy to Use and Safe for even 3 years old

40-45pcs of Magic Nuudles,cover photo and Manual and sponge.


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