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52pcs Assorted pattern and Multicolored 12" Craft

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Pipe Cleaners always make for easy, fun craft time for kids and teens. This pack of Pipe Cleaners is sure to inspire your kids' imagination and creativity and the best use of their time! Pipe cleaners presents you a huge variety of pipe cleaners in different dimensions and colors. Twist it or bend it, use them the way you like in the things you want to craft! The pack contains 52 pipe cleaners mixed colors and patterns.You can pretty much make these into whatever you fancy, jewellery, pencil toppers, sculptures, paper clips, embellishment etc. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+ A wide assortment of pipe cleaners - great for all your classroom crafts! Pipe cleaners measure 12"L and Dia.(6-8mm).

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